High School is Not Enough

What Are you Going To Do About It?

“The truth is, if you want a decent job that will lead to a decent life today, then you have to work harder, regularly reinvent yourself, obtain at least some form of postsecondary education, make sure that you’re engaged in lifelong learning and play by the rules…..we terribly mislead people by saying otherwise.” Thomas Friedman, New York Times Columnist and author.

Yet never before has so many US students failed to get what is needed to prepare for the next steps they need to take in their lives. The world has changed in ways that U.S. systems of education and training have not kept pace. Public education cannot be counted on to prepare students to pass college-level courses. Getting admitted into college no longer makes success a slam dunk. More and more students are taking longer to complete career and job preparation programs. Many do not complete their studies or training at all. And too many students are finding themselves in substantial debt or having used their financial assistance without getting the preparation needed for the jobs and careers they desire.

High School Is Not Enough gives readers the tools to help students, and students the ability to themselves, prepare for a world that is changing rapidly.

  • An insider’s view of higher education and training is given so students, parents and others are aware of what awaits them after high school.
  • Questions are offered to help students determine what is important to them in their lives and what skills they will need to pursue the careers and jobs they desire.
  • Strategies for decision making are offered to help students determine where they have the best possible opportunity to succeed.
  • Tools and tips for saving time, money and energy are included to assure that students have the ability to get the education and training needed for this ever changing world.

This salient and actionable guide is also certain to open eyes. Challenging current attitudes and messages about college admissions and the value of training programs, Dr. Branch emphasizes that college admissions should no longer be the standard for success by which students are judged. Rather, the measure of student success is the acquisition of the skills needed which prepares students for their first job or career.

“In the past, those who did not continue their education or training after high school could always find a job that supported them and their families. And those who did continue could always count on that additional education and training to be the pathway for improving their lives. Today’s students do not have either of those guarantees,” R. Wayne Branch, PhD, writes.

And while the world moves at breakneck speed, students in the United States are stuck with ways of educating and training that prevent many from getting what they need for today’s careers and jobs, much less tomorrow’s. Every student needs education or training after high school. High School Is Not Enough is a must read for high school students, parents, counselors, teachers, policy makers or anyone interested in student success.





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