High School is Not Enough

Chapter Bites

The drop down menu in this page link gives you the opportunity to read a bit of each of  chapter within High School Is Not Enough.  From these tidbits you will get a very good sense of the book, the guidance each chapter provides and the strategies for student success found within High School Is Not Enough. The chapters are:


Chapter 1 – Most Everybody Has to Go to Work—at Some Point in Time!

Chapter 2 - Five Questions to Help Students Think About What to do After High School

Chapter 3 – Getting in Versus Graduating

Chapter 4 – Why Do Some Students Fail? Really!

Chapter 5 – How to Know What to Expect

Chapter 6 – Questions High School Students Should Ask

Chapter 7 – Understanding the True Cost of Getting an Education or Training

Chapter 8 – Some Things Students Can Do to Save Money

Chapter 9 – Five Twenty-First Century Nonacademic Skills High School Students Need

Chapter 10 – Education, After High School, Is a Privilege Not a Right

Chapter 11 – It Is About Getting That First Job or Career

Epilogue -  Why I Wrote This Book

On each page you will find space for comments. You are encouraged to leave your own strategies for student success. Things that have worked for you or students you know. Dialog and debate are encouraged. As comments are not regularly moderated, I sincerely hope that we are nice to each other. With free speech comes great responsibility.

The critical, or perhaps pivotal, message within the pages of High School Is Not Enough is that we are all affected by the education and training students receive. Their preparation for future jobs and careers determines the health of their families and our communities. Now is the time to make sure students receive the education and training needed for a fast changing world.