High School is Not Enough

Chapter 3 – Getting in Versus Graduating

Every year, thousands of students, parents, families, and friends spend many anxious days waiting for school and college acceptance letters. When the mail arrives, they will either celebrate admission or be saddened by the fact that they did not get in. Those who are not in the race to get into so-called good schools often feel less worthy, less smart, less than valued. For many students, getting into the school, college, or training program of their choice is a big deal. They have been, and are, focused on doing whatever needs to be done to get admitted into their first-choice school.

However, getting into a college or training program is called “admission” for a reason. The emphasis is on being accepted, getting in. And we, in this society, love to be accepted. Especially when we think that where we have been accepted does not take everybody that wants to get in. It’s like getting into a select club! The adrenaline gets to pumping and we feel proud of our accomplishments, perhaps secretly or not so secretly bathing in the fact that others did not win the prize.

The sad truth is that most of the students who get in will either not graduate, or they will not graduate in the time they thought they would, or even from the place they were admitted. To me the orientation of our thinking, being admitted, is all wrong. To quote the Princeton Review’s website (www.princetonreview.com), December 1, 2012, “It’s not about getting into the best college…it’s about getting into the best college for you.” Truer words could not be spoken.



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