High School is Not Enough

Chapter 7 – Understanding The True Cost of Getting an Education or Training

If students themselves, parents, and others are going to make better decisions about where to get the education and training students require after high school, they need to understand how much it is really going to cost them. It is fairly easy to find out what a college, school, or training program’s tuition and fees will be. Their websites, catalogs, and other publications will spell out these costs pretty well. And most will also provide cost estimates for books, fees, and supplies. But even if high school students and others understand these costs, in my experience, many people still underestimate just how much getting an education or training after high school will cost them. Knowing, as soon as possible, the “true cost” of education and training after high school will reduce the surprises and struggles students will face once they choose which college, school, or training program they will attend.

Seven Hidden Costs of Education and Training

Here are some of the cost surprises that I have seen cause students financial hardship. Knowing them can help students ask the questions necessary to figure out the true cost of their education or training. In many cases schools, colleges, and training programs can’t help students plan for these additional costs. Many depend on the student, what he or she is studying, and what he or she is prepared to study. Being aware of what these costs may be, however, before a student begins, will not only save them money. Understanding the costs before they attend may mean the difference between succeeding and leaving before their goals are achieved.



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