High School is Not Enough

Chapter 11 – It Is about Getting That First Job or Career

     Life is queer with its twists and turns, as every one of us sometimes learns —Author Unknown

The questions I am asking students to ask themselves and others will help them make decisions about what to do after high school to prepare for current and future jobs and careers. The answers to these questions are intended to give students a plan of action. By their tenth-grade year, it would be great if all students had a plan. As I have said in earlier chapters, this would give students at least two years to address any issues or concerns in their skills development, attitudes, and behaviors.

There is no attempt to promote any one path, any one decision, or any one way that will guarantee success. The value here is for more students to be ready to do something that prepares them for the future. Regardless of their job or career interests, where they are thinking about studying, their skills and attitudes, all students need, what we can call, a “what I need to do to succeed” plan. These are the questions that will guide students in the development of that plan. There should be no surprises here. Throughout this book I have talked about each of these in greater depth.



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